Dictators Boogie

Why did you do it?
Risking your freedom
What made you answer
when you heard the call?

What of your family?
Think of the danger
You takes the chances
But they take the fall

Your voice echo's loudly
Loudly through the streets
Your Voice.

They recognized you
Called you a leader
You are the one
they are waiting for

Clandestine meetings
In darkened houses
Planning the future
Behind locked doors

Dressed like a soldier
You always knew
What you wanted to be
Your final victory
Your greatest hour
All your speeches
On world wide TV

Your voice echo's loudly
Loudly from the screen
Your Voice.

Rewrite our history
You are the hero
Tell us again
How you suffered and bled

You are the general
You have the money
If you don't like them
They're already dead

But times are changing
Some call you evil
You don't fit
In your own peoples dreams

Your brow is sweating
Your hand is shaking
Reach the phone
And call for your marines

The voices call loudly
Loudly from the street
The voices call loudly
Loudly for your defeat
The voice.

Go on vacation
Don't call it exile
Maybe Hawaii
Or somewhere in Spain

Why did you do it?
Risking your freedom
You had the power
but you went insane

What of your family?
What of your honor?
What of the things
been fighting for?
What made you do it?

Did you get greedy
And think that
you needed more?

words and music
all rights reserved 1989 RIVER