Love Enough.

Lately, I've benn thinking how our lives seem to be depending on
Important decisions our appointed leaders fail to make
And fail to see, that there is enough here, for you and me and for everyone.
You say things are really out of hand and I don't deny that, but just remember that all things have their season

And you know what the old man told the young boy at bat, he says
Son when you hit that ball it's for me and you and for everyone.

Cause there's too many people with nothing for this scene to make sense,
We feed the beast well in the name of defense, oh brother, how many people go hungry whayt to we wait? People left in desparation fall prey to the hate.

How may people got nothing when will we see? That there is love enough for you and for me and for everyone.

Malthus had big questions, a smeart man of his day, looking for answers, believed in science, and said there is obviously not enough for us all here, but that is not what he would say if he looked today, now we see that the world is for you and me and for everyone.......

all rights reserved 1982 RIVER