Nalda's song

Comely Nalda a Samaritan women
Standing at the well
A summers' evening weary from the journey
He came walking up
And looked her in the eyes
And asked her for a drink
She was shocked
He had spoken to a women
Pray tell

Her flirtatous smile let on
That she thought he was cute
Such a gentle air
And ooh those eyes to boot
But he snapped her to her senses
Quite lovelingly you know
And offered her a draft
Of the living waters

And right there and right then
On that day Nalda joined the ranks

Who so ever drinks the mortal water
Will thirst again
But who so ever drinks the water of
The living spirit
shall never end
And Nalda felt this and all the
Love and understanding surge

Like she had never felt before

all rights reserved 2008 RIVER