On Our Way.

Time is the mother
Space is her lover
Their family unfolds
As the galxies of light and life

That's where we live
Here in this garden
We are warmed by the sunshine
And chilled by the night

She gives him seasons
And he brings her blossums
And they give us lifetimes
To learn how to love and to share

Just like they do
Listening in silence
For the knowledge of sharing
And the wholeness of love....

On our way from animal to angel

Tiger in the garden
But peace on the horizon
Stay steady on the course
Stay true to your heart
And you will see

The path appearing
Memories awakening
Peace through understanding
And the wholeness of love.

On our way from animal to angel
Warmed by the sunshine, and chilled by the night.

words and music by RIVER
all rights reserved 2008