Surprisingly Enough

You move like the wind
You feel like the night
Ooh I love you baby

And when you do the
things you do to me

When you help me
To look into my self and see
To find a world unfold within
No fear will hold us back
Only love can find the way

To see the Divine emerge
from every moment
The more that we listen
the more we hear
Surprisingly enough
that world is very very near

Time goes on and on and on
Marked as years going by

Can we really ever know when?
Can we really ever know how?
Will we ever know why?

Let me look into you r eyes and see
The journey unfold within
Nothing to hold us back
Love becomes the only way

There'll come a time someday
To rejoin the family
Ending this age ruled by fear
Surprising enough that time
Is very very near.

To everything there is a season
To every season there is a time
There is a moment that unfolds
From song and rhyme

Come along with me a
Across the star field dance floor
Your hair blowing in a solar breeze
Surprisingly enough this moment
Was made for you and me.

Music and Lyrics 2007 RIVER
all rights reserved