Temperature Rise

If we lost it all now
It wouldn't be the first time
If we're looking for a clue
Maybe we can find it
in de word and de rhyme

Everything is connected
By design so sublime
Look around as we see
The signs that now is the time
Gotta wake up!

Who built the pyramids
We still don't know
And who stacked the Stonehenge
And where did they go?

Many mystery's surround us
Things will come and things will go
Are we that much different?
I and I would say no

We gotta wake up!

It's burning
We burning
Through 1000 year's of sun
30 years of daylight
For one day of our fun
We'll pay the rate
We'll face our fate
We're burning
Not turning

Not learning
And it's really getting late

All it takes is
one more blunder.

What's that sound?
Sound's like thunder....

Music and Lyrics The Thursday Night Music Club
all rights reserved 2006 RIVER