Toy Soldiers (Laks)

toy soldiers never die
toy soldiers never die

they fight in a make believe war
and if you should lose them
you buy some more
toy soldiers at the store
uh huh oh yeah

toy soldiers painted green
some barely seventeen
they dont have families to feed
and they dont have loved ones who need them home

up in the white house the president wakes
from a dream that he had last night
he wipes the sweat off his brow
and reaches across for the hand of his wife

he salutes the soldier they call the unknown
and shoots him a cowboy grin
the soldier says hey Mr. President
how come you kill me again and
again and again

oh baby don't you cry
toy soldiers never die
oh baby don't you cry
toy soldiers never die

real soldiers bold and brave
stand silent at the grave
they pray to their god up above
to send them some peace
and sombody to love.

all rights reserved 2008 L2Music