I'm Ok let me go. Written 3/25/05 - 4/1/05.

Of course we all heard about the lady in the coma with the feeding tube.

This song started as a poem that came to us in one piece with no corrections.

It seemed like this may be a message for the Thursday Night Music Club, so

it was stashed until our session. When brought out and read, there was no

resistance. In fact there was open focus, so we started the process. Realizing

after the fact that it was in first person, we started to see that maybe we

could lend her the voice that she currently did not have. So that is what we

proceeded to do. The Club all had strong and concise feelings about this

situation. We also took note. With all the press on the matter, not once

did we hear the simple truth. The voice of reason. She and her loved

ones did not deserve to be used for the 'hidden agenda' or to boost ratings.

She does deserve the right to live with dignity, productivity, companionship,

happiness, sharing, and love. Without these what is the purpose of mortal