Temperature Rise June - July 3rd, 2006

I was at a Grateful Dead concert probably 25 years

ago and was sitting next to one of the band member's

wives and she was speaking to someone who was telling

her that big changes were up with the weather. 'New'

technology (then) was supplying scientists with data from the

North and South Pole. Data that had never been

available for us to study before. He said they we alarmed.

SO 2006 and here comes Al's movie. Pretty intense information.

Now I know why that person so long ago was so

passionate in his conversation (sorry for eaves dropping:)

Things are going to continue to change as they

always have and always do.

For the better? No one knows.

The future has not been

written yet. Could we be players?

What do you think?

Are we getting to the point where we actually

have a half of chance to figure out how to do this

one family, one planet, one mankind thing, together?

Do we have incentive?

What's that sound......?