To Elvira and Elvira

My piano playing friend Orm wrote this piece.

Story in his words, "When I migrated to the US, in 1994,
my great grandmother Elvira was about to turn 95 years
old. In the spring of 1923, with a one year old, my
grandmother, her husband and his brothers had decided
to migrate to America. He was going over there to set
things up, and then he was going to come back to bring
her and their first child to the promise land. He never
came back. Elvira was left alone on the farm, and gave
birth to her daughter (my grandma) in June of 1922.

72 years later, I left to go to study music in Los Angeles,
and after a couple of years, I got a letter from her, in
shaky handwriting. It expressed how much she cared for
me. I talked to her a few times on the phone, but not
nearly enough. So, I decided to write a piece of music
for her. She died before I had finished it, in 1999. She
was going to turn 100 that fall. At that point, I finished
the first piano melody for her, and later, I wrote eight
more pieces."

As played by Orm.....